Why choose Hippo

Fully-managed, develop-friendly, multi-model and easily scalable.

High performance search

Parallel search can be well realized due to the multiprocessing architecture and GPU acceleration supported by Hippo. Furthermore, multiple indexes, specific performance tuning techniques for search speed and memory usage and algorithm optimization at register level are also achieved for organizations to perform analytics against different business scenarios.

Cloud native system

Hippo is deployed based on our proprietary cloud native operating system, which enables the strong abilities of scale out/in, multi-tenancy and resource management.

Multi-model architecture

Hippo can integrate with other services deployed in Transwarp Data Hub (“TDH”) platform to achieve federated search.

Distributed deployment

Hippo supports distributed deployment, ensures strong consistency via Raft algorithm, and enables failover and data recovery.

Enterprise-level security

Hippo offers SASL-based user authentication capabilities and SSL/TLS-based encrypted data transmission.

Multiple APIs integration

Hippo currently supports Python, Restful, Java API.

What can Hippo help

A long-term memory for AI, especially the LLM applications.

Text Retrieval

Make it easier to 'extract out' information from unstructured content.

Voice/ Image / Video Retrieval

Cover various AI scenarios such as face recognition, speech recognition and video fingerprinting, etc.

Personalized Recommendation

Achieve personalized recommendations based on unique user interests and needs.

Large Language Model Application

Help prevent potential leakage of sensitive personal data when using LLMs.

Knowledge management

Quickly search internal data and documents to find what you need, saving time and increasing productivity.

Aggregated data services

Compile various data sources and identify valuable content, enabling end-users to make smarter, data-driven decisions.

Easy to use

Create an account, create a cluster and start to use.

Ready to get started?

Get started quickly by taking advantage of our developer-friendly docs.